Tuesday, April 21, 2009


somehow i was too distracted yesterday to realize i was missing my own most spiritual holiday, april 20th. 4/20 comes once a year, or never if you're european. i was serendipitously in some pot themed gifts from porcelain decay that arrived to me via subscribo, but other than that i was practicing pure heresy, although much in the spirit of the thing in my forgetfulness. today started when i logged into ahern and vaga was dj'ing again...until a linden required that we all stop partying peacefully. but prior to the cops putting the kaibash on the thing, it was tuesgay, all the way. this outfit was started in part to be gayer for the dance party, and resulted in my first foray into elf ears, which i would tell you who made them but it would be too fucking funny for me to bear admitting. you can take a guess. anyway, this is like another version of the homo bunnicorn but it's slightly freakier and possibly even gayer? mohawk is from a lucky board at the stringer mausoleum, and it's awesome, but i added the color changing threads on top of it i think they were in a bonus box of goodies somewhere stringer-related on a hunt months ago, i can't tell where they came from via the creator profile sorry :( this latex is from pixeldolls and the boots are the simco candy phuck boots from the bunny hop. i took so many pictures basically the same because this mohawk add on CHANGES COLORS. yes. it's glorious. happy belated 4/20. 

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  1. i found this to be insitefull.