Sunday, April 26, 2009


oh lord. editing the links i've accumulated is more of a task than i thought. contemplated making a notecard in the middle of the alphabet in the first grouping of chairs but i was pretty deep in already. for some odd reason slurls are not working right now even in an external browser...the map opens up but no orange teleport button option. second life manages to make even the INTERNET not work.

some further speculation and discussion on lucky chairs lately:
i have to say probably the most generous store on the grid right now in terms of freebies is Doux Petit Dahl. I saw a skin featured on free*style over a month ago and since then the store has blossomed, has three locations, all with varying midnite manias for complete outfits, skins, and even a skybox (two story building set looks very urban, black and white, super cool for photos) that has become instantly popular. not only that but the lucky cupcakes in each store give out a prize every time, granted sometimes it's only a cupcake but even the cupcakes are addictive to collect, honestly. i have an entire subfolder in accessories: food: cupcakes under my main account and it may be the single largest collection of cupcakes anywhere. the lucky cupcake is also a step up from a lucky chair in terms of the consumer i think because you can go back every five minutes or twenty minutes depending on the timer length and keep winning throughout the day. there's really no luck needed since as the sign advertises, you win something every time. that being ranted, Doux Petit Dahl also has some of the most versatile warddrobe options around, cute little boho chic sets and generic but classy shades to be won in the cupcake to complete any outfit. also...the skins! there's boxes out in the mainstore i believe of entire packs of skins the designer has put for free along with older clothing items no longer for sale due to the recent expansion and improvements. awesomer still, the freebie boxes are 0L which is great for my penniless alt, and the clothes are by no means throwaway. but back to the, they are simple without being dull and young looking without being perverted. an insane amount of make ups and tones available, and you can just hit the lucky cupcake and win half a dozen at my last count. alright, end rant. i've just been so damn pleased with everything i get from this store and it's mostly been free! heck, even the full priced skins i scooped up a while back will only cost you 150L per. 

Doux Petit Dahl! 
Mainstore with freebies, MM, lucky cupcake
Fusion Crossing location with MM and lucky cupcake AND lucky letter cupcake (like a lucky chair, only a CUPCAKE)
Le Zoo location with MM and lucky cupcake

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