Sunday, April 5, 2009

i got to hold your hand, baby

this is what i can't stop listening to today. it was sunny and i did some dances-in-cars type behavior repeating this jam. also notably probably the only time you will hear ANYONE say "shut up al green!" and it got recorded yay! i'm feeling all lovey dovey. some people seem to want to isolate pink to february but i say fuck that. february is the dark hole of the year. bring the pink, bring it. back to blue blood today, in this pink resistance dress and some material squirrel wings. this hair is the egg hop hunt gift from magika i believe. this skin is from tarnished and it's gorgeous. enjoy some greenery with all my pinking. sometimes i do a bit like apt and mash up lyrics intentionally to my own whims and this typically involves morphing the pronouns and nouns into feline things. i've been dancing with rocky singing "i got to hold yr paw" all day. dancing with your pets is so underrated, i need to fish up the easter bunny picture of my cats eventually don't let me forget...

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