Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ding ding ding, that is correct

it's a bit nipply outside. perfect day to cuddle up in a cup of tea. literally! i've also been meaning to make outfits with ding's new flat line, she's been so generous in making pretty much one of every style available free in store but there's also random prize vendors and tons of color options. when i said months ago this girl inspired me to blog i meant it and now she's creating and it's giving me butterflies. these are the type of perfectly crafted, perfectly hued shoes i can slip on any ole day and feel pretty. even this pair of flowered orange jellies have transparent textures so you can really see your toesies just like a real pair of jellies. i'm also wearing the evie's closet group gift for switching over to hippoterminal and anyone can get it free in store atm if i'm not wrong. free harpoon from mijn boa once a starlust freebie and the bloody lolli skin from miasnow, either chair or impulse buy, but my impulses have made me buy every other mia skin too, lulz. also lollerific is this pudge group gift hair aptly dubbed "follicular homicide" comes with scissors for your hands to stab whomever you e-please too!

did i mention there's a lucky board? yus.

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