Wednesday, April 8, 2009

riding rainbows

these pictures aren't great i'm getting lazy with snapshots i can't make anything look how i want in world so i just take crappy images as they are. camped for the rainbow easter bunny avi from de la fae mashed it up with the house of munster hunt hair vira and added the ridable rainbow from catnip, which i found once again perving on juni's stuffs. and i'm wearing my go to black scarlia inc. ribbon kini in black because i still feel naked in borderline furry avatars. oh and the sanu unicorn set horn. which is my personal favorite rainbow unicorn horn. of the rainbow unicorn horns out there atm. probably still like the plain illusions one best of solid colors. oh the selection of unicorn shit at the moment is outrageous but not as outrageous as someone calling me twice at 2 am. word to the wise: if someone doesn't answer your first call at 2:21 am they are probably not going to answer the second time you call at 2:22 am.

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