Monday, April 6, 2009

as mr. burns would say, "eggscellent!!!!!"

not to be confused with ok + rebecca's eggscellent adventure. i've just been floating around, attempting blissful ignorance until the next troll shows up. so much egg hunting it seems natural a bunch of egg food objects have popped up. this is rarurick ragu's flying fried egg at WhoNose dubbed "sunny side up" flyable breakfast. i think it's just plain fly. bunch of people asked where it's from and i got it for 1L but raru's prices are so reasonable it's only 25L full price. it comes with a fried egg for the side of your head, but i used some poetic license and changed my title to 'egg on yr face' to tag the essence. there's an adorable fried egg necklace from Magika in the bunny hop egg that would have been perfect but i'm showing my RL support for my big bro with my dog tags. this is the new replicant skin from [42] and all of their skins are just as perfectly drawn. outfit is the :adequate: set for the bunny hop and my shoes are ding's easter freebie green eggs flats. hair is new house of munster (search HOM) and it's the least free possible hair you could conceive of but it is so worth it. pics taken at the new to me build for boof/tyranny and everything is mario themed it totally kicks e-ass.

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