Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i wear the pants

pants! i am finally in some. i admit i love dresses, but this outfit is slinky and purple enough to steal a few hours of my pixel time. it was a previous gift from Malt and i imagine something like it may be available in store for sale, and there's another hunt going on at malt's mall atm, get a hint to the hiding spot for each egg in the individual stores. i'm in another nylon outfitters skin i peeped on olivia a long time ago on free*style and it's just as gorgeous as her pictures showed it. it's called "mermaid glitter party" and i've added the 1L sweet (purple) lashes from K-designs for even more purple power. am i misremembering or is purple power the brand name of a pipe cleaner for glass pieces? also these white pearl stud earrings are so simple i love adding them onto a classy outfit like this one and increasing my prims with minimal style conflict. i fished these out of the sea at the starlust docks, along with a grey and black pair and the pirate hat i wore in the pirate post previously, in about a dozen different colors. they are from schadenfreude but perhaps the coolest fishing prize from the elephantishness is the seaweed mohawk you can win i think it's ultrarare probably. i feel like i'm copping out on the one hand, by taking studio pictures lately, but on the other hand the photo garden is completely free out back of Unique Needs and Blue Blood and the globes and pose walls keep me coming back just to see what all the options are. this is until morri teaches me photoshop. ahem. when he becomes unbusy. */me holds breath* 

i am eager for dilly dolls fishing to get in gear, and supposedly frick is going to have fishing too, i'm hoping for customs naturally. anyone have any other tips for custom spots with fashion items in particular i would be grateful for leads. 

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