Saturday, April 25, 2009

the problem with "30 days or less" kits

"People are often confused by whether to use “fewer” versus “less” when trying to describe the relative amounts or degrees of things. Here’s a brief explanation.

“Fewer” should be used when the things you are describing are able to be counted. “Less” is used when it describes an adjective or when it is referring to something that is not countable; it is used to describe abstract or imprecise things like time, speed, quality, etc."

(pulled from

For example:

You have less respect for the English language than I do.


Fewer and fewer people on the internet can actually speak English.

alright that's it! i am keeping my alt to myself, but her inventory is going to have some of the same issues as my main, namely, large numbers. i am also using this time to recheck and edit all the chair links on the side of this very blog, which no one seems to really use but which i maintain are the reason i started the blog in the first place. i'm being brutal finally editing out n00bish chairs, walls of chairs with no prizes indicated, and basically anything i wouldn't keep and wear myself. a remarkable number of places seem to have vanished in the past few months, or they have simply removed their lucky chairs. i can't help but think "it's the economy, stupid." but i still get a kick out of falling 4 or 700 meters through the SL sky when a place no longer exists.

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  1. i found this to be insitefull.