Monday, April 27, 2009

oh hai dude

honestly the only thing so far that's mildly irritating about being banned is missing a scattering of limited time freebie offers. while i recognize that no one besides me uses the links on a regular basis, organizing them still keeps me busy and has productivity value in a general sense. i'm in the midst of the hair chairs, and it's amazing to me how some of the dinkiest little holes-in-the-wall are still open but the most major stores have removed their chairs or moved/vanished entirely. i have been encouraged to "get an alt" for months now but now that i'm on one it's slightly more boring than i thought it would be. sorting the lists and finding stores gone is a bit sad but on the upside i've seen a ton of new stores and freebies lately and i'm trying to compile my faves in the chatbox comments, so if you're missing my in world style tips just take the slurls and see what's good. ciao for now!


  1. lmao what u do to get banned * constance *

  2. i found this to be insitefull.