Wednesday, April 29, 2009

thoughts on forced viewer updates, pondered deeply behind the coarse unibrow

so, on my imac i guess when it says you must update, i really *must* update because it no longer allows me to login without downloading the update and installing it get the picture. speaking of pictures, much to my dismay some elevated techy discussions on viewer bugs ACTUALLY effected me today, as when i logged in much to my chagrin despite hard work collecting decent skins and clothes for free for an alt, my avatar had a UNIBROW!!!! i figured out how to fix it, by going into edit appearance and hair settings and just diminishing eyebrow density and color down to 0 values, but eyelashes...that's a whole other project for another day in the future. hopefully LL will realize this update is horrendous more so than your typical TP problems and such. i also tried to vote on the jira page for the issue but my vote doesn't seem to count while my account is under punitive measures. so i'll go back and vote tomorrow night, hopefully someone in the san francisco office will log themselves in before then and realize no one wants their 1K skins to wind up with default unibrows. i'm pissed on my alt and i haven't spent a single penny. thinking about having to edit eyebrows every time i change a skin is simply outrageous, given the waste of time and the enormous inconvenience to every linden customer paying or otherwise, who has to use the updated viewer. now i know, i could probably download something else to connect to the grid but i'm already super simplistic when it comes to sl technical shit...honestly it's the first time i've ever edited hair settings or anything in appearance besides brow color, and i know i'm not alone in being on the hax0ring shortbus. 

*edit, Post Script: Stickler for Details
Yeah also, the new adjustments for self clicking menus are, simply put, DUMB. to edit an object you now have to go past the menu circle for appearance that you would normally get by right clicking on yourself, but now clicking on any object on your avatar also pulls up the first set of the menu circle options. if this doesn't apply to everyone, consider yourself lucky, because it's a pain in the arse. i know it's like, one extra click, but again, i edit attach points and adjust positions frequently and to have to click through twice as many menus is just that, twice as difficult. 

speaking of pigs

Looks like someone has stepped up their harassment taken it to the next level following me onto my blog when all other avenues end abruptly. Congratulations! You have finally convinced me to moderate comments, and deny anonymous posting. I think we've all learned from Linden Lab, that freedom of speech is NOT protected on the internet. And I'm yanking yrs, haters.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pig Virus?

swine flu has been plaguing the welcome areas of second life for over a year and it just NOW makes headlines? bah!

Monday, April 27, 2009

oh hai dude

honestly the only thing so far that's mildly irritating about being banned is missing a scattering of limited time freebie offers. while i recognize that no one besides me uses the links on a regular basis, organizing them still keeps me busy and has productivity value in a general sense. i'm in the midst of the hair chairs, and it's amazing to me how some of the dinkiest little holes-in-the-wall are still open but the most major stores have removed their chairs or moved/vanished entirely. i have been encouraged to "get an alt" for months now but now that i'm on one it's slightly more boring than i thought it would be. sorting the lists and finding stores gone is a bit sad but on the upside i've seen a ton of new stores and freebies lately and i'm trying to compile my faves in the chatbox comments, so if you're missing my in world style tips just take the slurls and see what's good. ciao for now!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


oh lord. editing the links i've accumulated is more of a task than i thought. contemplated making a notecard in the middle of the alphabet in the first grouping of chairs but i was pretty deep in already. for some odd reason slurls are not working right now even in an external browser...the map opens up but no orange teleport button option. second life manages to make even the INTERNET not work.

some further speculation and discussion on lucky chairs lately:
i have to say probably the most generous store on the grid right now in terms of freebies is Doux Petit Dahl. I saw a skin featured on free*style over a month ago and since then the store has blossomed, has three locations, all with varying midnite manias for complete outfits, skins, and even a skybox (two story building set looks very urban, black and white, super cool for photos) that has become instantly popular. not only that but the lucky cupcakes in each store give out a prize every time, granted sometimes it's only a cupcake but even the cupcakes are addictive to collect, honestly. i have an entire subfolder in accessories: food: cupcakes under my main account and it may be the single largest collection of cupcakes anywhere. the lucky cupcake is also a step up from a lucky chair in terms of the consumer i think because you can go back every five minutes or twenty minutes depending on the timer length and keep winning throughout the day. there's really no luck needed since as the sign advertises, you win something every time. that being ranted, Doux Petit Dahl also has some of the most versatile warddrobe options around, cute little boho chic sets and generic but classy shades to be won in the cupcake to complete any outfit. also...the skins! there's boxes out in the mainstore i believe of entire packs of skins the designer has put for free along with older clothing items no longer for sale due to the recent expansion and improvements. awesomer still, the freebie boxes are 0L which is great for my penniless alt, and the clothes are by no means throwaway. but back to the, they are simple without being dull and young looking without being perverted. an insane amount of make ups and tones available, and you can just hit the lucky cupcake and win half a dozen at my last count. alright, end rant. i've just been so damn pleased with everything i get from this store and it's mostly been free! heck, even the full priced skins i scooped up a while back will only cost you 150L per. 

Doux Petit Dahl! 
Mainstore with freebies, MM, lucky cupcake
Fusion Crossing location with MM and lucky cupcake AND lucky letter cupcake (like a lucky chair, only a CUPCAKE)
Le Zoo location with MM and lucky cupcake

Saturday, April 25, 2009

the problem with "30 days or less" kits

"People are often confused by whether to use “fewer” versus “less” when trying to describe the relative amounts or degrees of things. Here’s a brief explanation.

“Fewer” should be used when the things you are describing are able to be counted. “Less” is used when it describes an adjective or when it is referring to something that is not countable; it is used to describe abstract or imprecise things like time, speed, quality, etc."

(pulled from

For example:

You have less respect for the English language than I do.


Fewer and fewer people on the internet can actually speak English.

alright that's it! i am keeping my alt to myself, but her inventory is going to have some of the same issues as my main, namely, large numbers. i am also using this time to recheck and edit all the chair links on the side of this very blog, which no one seems to really use but which i maintain are the reason i started the blog in the first place. i'm being brutal finally editing out n00bish chairs, walls of chairs with no prizes indicated, and basically anything i wouldn't keep and wear myself. a remarkable number of places seem to have vanished in the past few months, or they have simply removed their lucky chairs. i can't help but think "it's the economy, stupid." but i still get a kick out of falling 4 or 700 meters through the SL sky when a place no longer exists.

Friday, April 24, 2009


ok says: (1:33:34 AM)
uh oh
ok says: (1:33:38 AM)
absolutely no one is muted on my alt :O
ok says: (1:33:49 AM)
ban says: (1:33:58 AM)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happy earth day caterpillars

oh yes. perhaps the most well loved children's book has come to life for me again, for the first time in twenty years, with this amazing find. i think i saw it on Second Life 24Hr blog first along with the lucky board prizes and some other cheapies/freebs but THIS, this dress is simply the best. how can i quantify or explain how precious children's literature is itself, let alone this particular story of anthropromorphic coming of age. the child in the chrysalis, growing from hungry chomping on plants into a beautiful glorious butterfly at the end of the journey. this outfit is so cute, it almost makes me want to cry. cry like a baby, and then curl up and read goodnight, moon again as well. the scarf is the very hungry caterpillar himself, you get a caterpillar for your shoulder, the dress is babydoll adorable, and the boots and ear muffs have the caterpillar with little insect legs attached just for added detail. would you believe me if i told you this whole set was only 10 lindens? go get it. dress up in it. style it. then log off, and read to your kid, please!

"In the light of the moon a little egg lay on a leaf."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


somehow i was too distracted yesterday to realize i was missing my own most spiritual holiday, april 20th. 4/20 comes once a year, or never if you're european. i was serendipitously in some pot themed gifts from porcelain decay that arrived to me via subscribo, but other than that i was practicing pure heresy, although much in the spirit of the thing in my forgetfulness. today started when i logged into ahern and vaga was dj'ing again...until a linden required that we all stop partying peacefully. but prior to the cops putting the kaibash on the thing, it was tuesgay, all the way. this outfit was started in part to be gayer for the dance party, and resulted in my first foray into elf ears, which i would tell you who made them but it would be too fucking funny for me to bear admitting. you can take a guess. anyway, this is like another version of the homo bunnicorn but it's slightly freakier and possibly even gayer? mohawk is from a lucky board at the stringer mausoleum, and it's awesome, but i added the color changing threads on top of it i think they were in a bonus box of goodies somewhere stringer-related on a hunt months ago, i can't tell where they came from via the creator profile sorry :( this latex is from pixeldolls and the boots are the simco candy phuck boots from the bunny hop. i took so many pictures basically the same because this mohawk add on CHANGES COLORS. yes. it's glorious. happy belated 4/20. 

Monday, April 20, 2009

can't you ever treat anyone nice?

think i'm gonna make the same mistake twice?

no. that's why i'm wrapped up safely in one of ghani's selection of cuddle chrysalises in the group only area. don't try to reach me, i'm not home.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

carpe carp

the answer to my slayers! (sl-prayers) new fishies at sanu cuppy-carps and cuppy-guppies. i will never leave scribble at this rate. i love the new rockberry group gift "character" skin but does anyone else think the old timey sepia tone on the freckles makes it end up looking pre-cancerous? oh well, still gorgeous, and i guess cancer is inevitable at this point anyway.

Friday, April 17, 2009

thoughts on std awareness month

did you know as a population segment, lesbians have the lowest rate of sexually transmitted diseases? i know i'm doing something right when i tp into ahern and people spend a few moments talking about my outfit or avatar before beginning to troll more directly. i give you butch okre. and yes, there has to be pink. you can be butch and wear pink....mohawks.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

good evening, serendipity

further proof i'm lazy? i tp'ed into the photo garden and just ended up using what someone else had preset in a prior session. but it was PURPLE. i had no choice in the matter really....purple looks nice with the moxie polano black swan detailed gown and some more awesome haute-y lashes from glow studio. black swans. start as ugly ducklings. deep thoughts with okrebecca. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

april flowers! amidst the hail showers

hmm. it hailed today. great way to perk up any day, drive in hail. here is the anne hack-away red floral marchesa dress she wore to the oscars maybe two years after she dropped out of vassar. loffle. loffle. endless loffles. do you all know miss hathaway is from new jersey? dress from *icing* and it's madly faithful to the original. faithful...there's something you don't hear about much on second life.

i wear the pants

pants! i am finally in some. i admit i love dresses, but this outfit is slinky and purple enough to steal a few hours of my pixel time. it was a previous gift from Malt and i imagine something like it may be available in store for sale, and there's another hunt going on at malt's mall atm, get a hint to the hiding spot for each egg in the individual stores. i'm in another nylon outfitters skin i peeped on olivia a long time ago on free*style and it's just as gorgeous as her pictures showed it. it's called "mermaid glitter party" and i've added the 1L sweet (purple) lashes from K-designs for even more purple power. am i misremembering or is purple power the brand name of a pipe cleaner for glass pieces? also these white pearl stud earrings are so simple i love adding them onto a classy outfit like this one and increasing my prims with minimal style conflict. i fished these out of the sea at the starlust docks, along with a grey and black pair and the pirate hat i wore in the pirate post previously, in about a dozen different colors. they are from schadenfreude but perhaps the coolest fishing prize from the elephantishness is the seaweed mohawk you can win i think it's ultrarare probably. i feel like i'm copping out on the one hand, by taking studio pictures lately, but on the other hand the photo garden is completely free out back of Unique Needs and Blue Blood and the globes and pose walls keep me coming back just to see what all the options are. this is until morri teaches me photoshop. ahem. when he becomes unbusy. */me holds breath* 

i am eager for dilly dolls fishing to get in gear, and supposedly frick is going to have fishing too, i'm hoping for customs naturally. anyone have any other tips for custom spots with fashion items in particular i would be grateful for leads. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

even creepy men like sisters

so i got some out of hand comments and outrageous manners of attempting to hit on my avi i guess due to the cutesy nature of the sisters dress i had on yesterday. going for round two, see how many more creeps i can get muted in this sociostyling experiment.

Monday, April 13, 2009

what the fuck, Monday edition

oh. hey. just...innocently trying to stalk the lucky chairs at umi usagi when i run into a human toilet punishers convention. thought you might enjoy the same bizarre images i run into constantly in sl.

[16:01]  Umi Usagi Ladies' Camping Restroom: thank you  for punishing Jumbo Habercom Monday McBride
[16:01]  Pissing Toilet whispers: say /1 piss to start the piss particle, say /1 stop to stop pissing
[16:01]  Pissing Toilet whispers: say /1 piss to start the piss particle, say /1 stop to stop pissing
[16:01]  Jumbo Habercom: ffs :(
[16:01]  okrebecca Dastardly: pissing toilet?
[16:01]  okrebecca Dastardly: WHAT??????

it seems to be sanctioned by umi usagi? i really need to make another reference to the bizarre sexual fetishes of the japanese? do i really?

OH BUT WAIT. deal is he used guns in the store on customers and now the store is dishing out 50L PER MINUTE (which i exclaimed must be the best camping rate anywhere on SECOND LIFE) to punish him with water games! 50L per minute i mean...yay for pissed off japanese people! and...pissed on? jumbo has a 100 hour sentence so if you feel like pissing on someone, give me a break for once and go sit on this guy. you get paid mad amounts too!

andddd the first picture is a donation from jumbo himself who explained how this is all he sees right now LOFFLE...

hot hat hair

hat hair! also something i don't usually do. i would rather just pick a favorite hair, and hat, and pair them together myself. but THIS hat hair from magika even has a badass name, it's "biatch" in dark pink. paired it up with the new badass tall suede boots from DUH c/o renee harvy i picked black but they come in a bunch of other striking basic colors like blue and magenta. DUH sells high quality selections of shoes and boots in a ton of colors and they are ridiculously cheap like 20L a pair average, so go get some and there's always two dollarbies and the lucky chair for the cheapskates. wrapped myself up in an old favorite from artilleri the lovely leo dress. i'm expanding my fashion horizons and exploring the lashes thing now that i found GLOW studio and this is another pair called "paint splash" from their selection which is completely flawless and you can find a dozen of the best conceivable lashes on SL in this store alone. worn with some free speerit eyes and the old beautiful skin from cupcakes (the non battered one, for once, i don't think bruises go with leopard). cupcakes is having a BOGO sale again today and i finally gave in and got one fatpack of alabaster SEDUCTIONs and plan on scooping up pack #2 with my bogo rebate! yay twice as many skins!!!!

eyelash out

mmm i usually don't do prim lashes but these are something special. and free?! the white glow blends nicely with this sisters fawn dress- i believe this is a new release too.  get the lashes at glow studio in the purple gift bag. this hair is a meembee gift from the egg hunt now on at LA street scene. the blue ice flats were once free from the ever generous ding and are in store at 50 Flats for sale along with tons of other colors all perfect for a simple but stylish look.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

drool me twice, shame on me

so i saw this bunny avi in pink yesterday. then i saw it in yellow on waterz. and i being the follower that i am, had to have it. thankfully it comes in blue green and purple also so i don't have to be such a direct cloned sheep. it's on xstreet and it's 399L but the AO alone is worth that, it has the absolute gayest walk-skip i've ever had the pleasure to giggle at and when you stand still you waddle back and forth like a tubby bunneh. also noticed it's like in the top ten purchases being made right now so you KNOW people love this bunny. doesn't that make you want it? GUH. sheep, bunnies, same difference.

cool by association

ah, insomnia finally pays off when you get to play vogue and flaunt your avi in some terribly endearing early morning photo session with the magnetic force of second life that is morrigan. while i did warn him he might suffer by connection to myself he flippantly flopped his flouncy feathers and said off with their internet. and these pictures are the best i've probably had in fifteen months on second life, and it's because i didn't take them!

[5:16]  Morrigan Denimore: Ballin'.
[5:16]  okrebecca Dastardly: out of control

one more, some bon jovi, for the road

yeah i sort when i can't sleep. so what? i find stuff! like this acid & mala valentine's cupid's arrow. and i just thought...

shot through the heart!
and you're to blame...
darling you give love a bad name

ohhh there's nowhere to run
and no one can save me
the damage is done

real life pirates?!?!

the last two days when picking up my coffee the tv was playing cnn with a feed about somalian pirates and a hostage situation involving a us military captain. i tried not to giggle when they described more pirates showing up as "expanding dynamics" or some such doublespeak. i guess if you don't want to run into pirates, you should probably stay off the high seas? or second life. filled with pirates. who want to loot your booty. ahem.

right place wrong fairytale

i am accused of being a pessimistic bitch. the same people who complain of this then like to turn around and attempt to insult me for what amounts to my having been a hopeful, caring person reaching out to help other people i see suffering or struggling. pending a resolution in the minds of these trolls between these two seemingly opposite composites of my personality, i will continue to live in an SL fairy tale where when you approach me and open with an insult i mute you and you disappear forever after to never never land. this week i was tinkerbell, snow white, and i decided to throw in alice just for good measure. 

Friday, April 10, 2009

prissy princess

i can never decide what to wear anymore. it's become my biggest complaint on second life. so here's me, as a crying princess. pretty apt image, i know. let me just get my tissues out and prepare for another weekend. woe is me, in a chair or a tree.

i has big ideas

i want to do a storyboard from some song lyrics i can't shake. i need a rezzable street area and a child avi as well as an old lady skin of some sort? oh and not related but also lyrically inspired i want a HOOK. for mah hand. yes. anyone?

suck it in suck it in if you're rintintin or anne boleyn
(omg miss new jersey wins in this video? that is sheer fiction)

"this mtv is not for free
so pc it's killing me"
ugh i miss you 1994....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

riding rainbows

these pictures aren't great i'm getting lazy with snapshots i can't make anything look how i want in world so i just take crappy images as they are. camped for the rainbow easter bunny avi from de la fae mashed it up with the house of munster hunt hair vira and added the ridable rainbow from catnip, which i found once again perving on juni's stuffs. and i'm wearing my go to black scarlia inc. ribbon kini in black because i still feel naked in borderline furry avatars. oh and the sanu unicorn set horn. which is my personal favorite rainbow unicorn horn. of the rainbow unicorn horns out there atm. probably still like the plain illusions one best of solid colors. oh the selection of unicorn shit at the moment is outrageous but not as outrageous as someone calling me twice at 2 am. word to the wise: if someone doesn't answer your first call at 2:21 am they are probably not going to answer the second time you call at 2:22 am.