Wednesday, June 17, 2009

status: internets bjorked

ghani makes it easy to pick lyrics when she names the dress a song title!!! the latest blue blood release is called unravel. i confess i'm particularly fond on this tune because during one of radiohead's internet webcast jam sessions surrounding the release of in rainbows last year thom wound up plunking his cover of this gem out on the piano at the very end. of course bjork does it with amazing emphasis as well. 

while you are away
my heart comes undone
slowly unravels
like a ball of yarn
the devil collects it
with a grin
our love, our love
in a ball of yarn
he'll never return it

so when you come back
we'll have to make new love

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

dyno might?

i just felt so damn dangerous wearing the new Doodads Dynamite jewelry set, available for a limited time in the ongoing Ciocolatta sim hunt, i had to splatter myself with blood and insert vampire teeth to pre-empt  being about to blow up. i also added in the 1L Rocket hair clip from Doodads which goes perfectly with the rest of the sparky set. skin is 10L in the Vendor Support Month gift from Frick, hair is free at Savoir Hair from Crimson + Clover. Blood tats were once free in a Halloween hunt at Moloko

Sunday, June 14, 2009

hater aid

the no h8 campaign has officially leaked into second life. you can get this free duct tape and the slogan for your face from Ryker Beck's store Exodi. you can also get a free tee with the NO H8 slogan at Stinkeye. i'm still laughing about the best week ever blog's description of ashlee simpson & hubby's photoshoot for this shiz. paul tompkins made the most succinct analysis of carrie prejean's hatefulness i've heard since the pageant but i deleted it from my dvr so i'll repost his exact words when i get it re-recorded. 

BWE shows a clip of miss prejean on the today show, wherein she indicates that she was fired from her job not because she was skipping public appearances as her management states, but because of her response to her final question during the pageant. she remarks that "...Tolerance needs to be a two way street, and it's not." Tompkins goes on to add, "...See? She just wants you to be tolerant of her intolerance. Her point is this...if I have some rights, and you don't, and you want the rights that I have, and I give them to you? What do we have then? Equal rights. And who wants that? Not the people in the bible. Just opposite people."

i'm walking around in my duct tape and NO H8 slogan but my title says "i h8 carrie prejean" know, there's always room for a little hate. so nice to have a specific target for your loathing, isn't it? also funny? this tee shirt, from this weekend's Cyanide hunt. it says "yes my t-shirt does say fuck on it. it also says cunt, twat, and machine washable" and this Kosh belt, which says "SUCK MY" and has a picture of a rooster....

i'ma do the things that i wanna do
i ain't got a thing to prove to you
i eat my candy with the pork and beans
excuse my manners if i make a scene
i ain't gonna wear the clothes that you like 
i'm finally dandy with the me inside
one look in the mirror and i'm tickled pink
i don't give a hoot about what you think.

ps-i dislike perez on many levels but he is right about one thing: she is truly a DUMB BITCH :)
i have taken some pictures in this get-up hanging from a noose in Hotel Munster because the rates of suicide among young GLBT persons are atrocious and commonly overlooked. homophobes and bigots like Miss California serve to perpetrate the social myths that make minorities of all kinds hate themselves. 

Saturday, June 13, 2009

slafety blanket

i'm realizing that in the event of a fashion writers block i can always go to my *sisters* folder and find inspiration. i will *never* get tired of the cute that comes out of this. and i finally managed to hit the quadfecta the other day while shopping, i glimpsed ALL FOUR sisters in their native sl fashion habitat, looking adorable and oozing love, of course. 

sisters dresses:
origami garden dress 
lulu dress

accessories cheap and free:
Doodads silver flower earrings (not found in store but Gold Flower Earrings now only 10L)
Tiny Bird hair doohickey free subscribo gift
Amerie's Naughty lucky board umbrella 
HOC House of Curios Knee Boots Female 40L 
The Golden Fleece Black Pearl & Gemstone Clasp Necklace from Lucky Chair

Thursday, June 11, 2009


the eyelashes. always with the eyelashes. this is a viewer issue i saw before the jira votey thing supposedly fixed it and the skin/hair related problems. i just noticed it again when i bought a pack of skins that highlighted the screwiness and clumpy-looking phantom eyelashes that appear with some skins. once i saw that, i started trying on other skins, switching shapes, whatever basic things to rebake and such, got a whole bunch of advice from random friends and strangers, and none of it has worked. the most helpful thing said was that i shouldn't worry about it because it's only me noticing it. but srsly. that's the ONLY thing that matters. *I* notice it. and it drives me crazy the entire time i'm logged in. 

anyway, i won an amazing set of sanu's new jewelry, the avalon set in elaborate form! all i had to do was try my luck scooting around the store looking for the one-time hidden candies, the hidden items change with each new release and someone gets lucky, but it was never me before yesterday! this is what prompted my anger with the eyelashes, because i want to take close ups of the nose-stud, and...well i'm growing ever pickier and more detail oriented as my fashion studies continue in this pixel world. anyway, you can clearly see how gorgeous the Sanu jewels are, despite my ongoing battle with snapshots and in-world appearance editing. 

my avatar is having a tantrum in some of these pictures because of the eyelash shit!$&

Sanu Avalon Set Elaborate
AvantMelon Lollipop Dress *purple*
My UglyDorothy Marienne Skin 07 (w/shape)
Novocaine Milla hair from Truth 50L sale
R2 Malama opening gift purple heels

which witch?

double, double, toil and trouble.
second life is nothing but trouble. i'm dealing with some viewer issues that are driving me nuts and no one seems to have the answers for or a fix to them. *kicks SL in its nuts*

was at the clothes fair snooping out more great RFL vendors and i came across this skully mini dress from Luck Inc. which i paired with the freebie skully tat from Bleeding Ink Tattoo (B.I.T.)
and the latest release from House of Curios (HOC), these color change grungy/beat-up boots for only 40L! also all free to me are the SLink lucky chair batty skin, this batwing witch hat from Curio Obscura, once lucky chair hair from MiaSnow called Wild Woman, and a witch broom from Little Heaven's chairs, all dated Halloween of last year and probably not still available. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i can has generic emo boy avatar?

dress me up in women's clothes.
messed around with gender roles.
dye my eyes and call me pretty.

i mused over why i wanted this Pretty Ugly male skin from the MM. finally decided so many men cross dress on here, why shouldn't i give it a whirl the other way around? and i got my answer why. cuz manvatars are BORINGGGGGG. still, i'd do me. 

Pretty Ugly Hex Skin-Tan current MM prize
Shape It Up! Max shape previous MM prize
MADesigns Hair-Aaron NBL I previous group gift
Alphamale Black Jeans previous gift
Reek STFU Tee 5L
Reek plain belt previous Lucky Board prize
SoReal Superstars black/white

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm dumb, she's a lesbian!

RFL keeps giving me good excuses to spend money in world. The latest example would be this amazingly queer pink Derby Girl outfit from Katat0nik, on sale for 350L at the Fashion Expo at Kat's installment. This set is for team Pink Taco, although there is also an equally gay offering for Team Khorndog. There's a bunch of rainbow/pride/queer stuff coming out for Second Life Pride purposes, which is not only inspiring but also snarky! Worth mentioning are the offerings from a couple other vendors, like Figure 8, who are sharing a rainbow lego-link bracelet and a tee that says "Straight But Not Narrow" for only 8L (also shown on Free*Style by Miss Casia.) Today I also received a notecard for more snark, this time from Nomine, who have rainbow skins for free in the new releases section as well as another tee, this one says "Not gay as in happy, but queer as in FUCK YOU." Slowly, but surely, the internet is becoming an OK place to be gay. 

"...Pink triangle on her sleeve, let me know the truth."
(sorry, i dunno why this youtube video gay, for lack of a better term.)

free mustache rides can always be had at starlust on the carousel.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

blood, lines, etc.

it started innocently enough. i was in my corsets folder finding something to matchy matchy with the wide range of patchwork colors in this Rag Kitty outfit (including rad tail!) from Bitch Tail, which was on a MM that someone at a board i was at was wearing. got that? the outfit has since changed but i had to have this colorful bit of raggedy goodness. i pulled up selena's Sasquatch Bloody Corsets folder, also once a MM, and w00t for color matching with the green. well a little blood on the top had to be explained visually with blood on the skin so i ended up back at MiaSnow's Bloody Pleasure 4, once a chair item i believe, but still on sale for really reasonable skin prices, and so much original art put into each unique set. then it gets messy.

you all know i kind of hop manically around the grid freebie and chair stalking. i use my own sidebar (yes, i made my own page my jump off) to keep up with chronologically organized free blog postings and a couple random friends blogs. so i was amidst a post on Ashia's Inventory Episode blog where she found a super smexeh black outfit for free at a new store Anik:Anarchy.  I hopped over to compulsively grab up this freeness and boom! MORE BLOOD ON THE WALLS!!!! for 10L i could somehow completely rationalize buying a bloody nose bandage, knee bandages, and the prim blood drip for my avatar nose you see pictured with the raggedy ness. all wrapped up perfectly in Pru's Patchwork Bloody Skybox also from a lucky chair. also wearing Catnip Dirty Suckerpunch Arm Bracers. hair is Kawaii in Red E from Magika. and more House of Ruin eyes...they are the BADDEST ASS. lucky chairs and freebies...i'm telling you...."I'm so obsessed that I'm becoming a bore."

i would venture a guess this is what a ton of second lifers end their saturday nights looking like. 

Saturday, June 6, 2009

she's a star

i get this kind of manic sensation listening to james. it's that timeless epic britpop that only gets better with age and the nostalgia factor is strong with this one. 

she's been in disguise forever
she's tried to disguise her stellar views
much brighter than all this static

Discord Kyo-Jin Pink Gift possibly still available group gift in the stacks of freeness 
Discord 7s Sandal Yomogi-Rainbow 7 seas fishing custom catch
MiaSnow dead dreamer skin 6
Gritty Kitty hair Metric in magenta
Seerose (store now called I <.3 Rien) Love is a Game tattoo previous lucky board prize
House of Ruin eyes VDAY: Pink/black
Chuculet Nina shape 1L

Thursday, June 4, 2009

a tree grows in rockland

since i haven't even tried photoshop, i have yet to fail at that. in the meantime i blatantly stalk other bloggers posts for good places in world to take my crummily simple snapshots. yesterday Miss Trickett posted from a new to me sim called Error and naturally i rushed over to survey the landscape. and damn, is it lovely! it reminds me of coastal maine for some reason. i think i like it when land owners/designers leave the ground as water textures, as it renders the surroundings surreal but beachy at the same time. 

RQ red queen group gift skin [rQ]Pride@TYPE.01-p.02/w.TATTOO 
Nightshade Valentine dress
Dilly Dolls color change hoofies
Eolande's Gothic Cross and Pearls necklace
[the Obscene] hair Evyione w/extra [Albino] previous crush row holiday gift 
Otaku Designs Azteca upper body tat DSN gift

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ah, but i may as well try and catch the wind

i've been in this outfit for three days now. i felt like i approximated morri's style closely enough that i was stuck fapping to myself for the past 78. in my head i called it "if morri wore purple." 

eyes-black like my soul from Tokeo.Plastik
hair-Inorite Uma in Start Wearing Purple, current RFL subscribo gift pack of purple hairs
mini-crown-Morrigan's The Black Canary gift for Kissed Valentine's Hunt "Divine Right"
top-Rotten Toe infected black satin shirt
ring-HoC - bone ring [female] twisted hunt gift
pants-Deviance violet leather pants past subscribo gift
boots-Nightshade Fallen Disgrace in black