Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm dumb, she's a lesbian!

RFL keeps giving me good excuses to spend money in world. The latest example would be this amazingly queer pink Derby Girl outfit from Katat0nik, on sale for 350L at the Fashion Expo at Kat's installment. This set is for team Pink Taco, although there is also an equally gay offering for Team Khorndog. There's a bunch of rainbow/pride/queer stuff coming out for Second Life Pride purposes, which is not only inspiring but also snarky! Worth mentioning are the offerings from a couple other vendors, like Figure 8, who are sharing a rainbow lego-link bracelet and a tee that says "Straight But Not Narrow" for only 8L (also shown on Free*Style by Miss Casia.) Today I also received a notecard for more snark, this time from Nomine, who have rainbow skins for free in the new releases section as well as another tee, this one says "Not gay as in happy, but queer as in FUCK YOU." Slowly, but surely, the internet is becoming an OK place to be gay. 

"...Pink triangle on her sleeve, let me know the truth."
(sorry, i dunno why this youtube video is....so gay, for lack of a better term.)

free mustache rides can always be had at starlust on the carousel.

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