Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i can has generic emo boy avatar?

dress me up in women's clothes.
messed around with gender roles.
dye my eyes and call me pretty.

i mused over why i wanted this Pretty Ugly male skin from the MM. finally decided so many men cross dress on here, why shouldn't i give it a whirl the other way around? and i got my answer why. cuz manvatars are BORINGGGGGG. still, i'd do me. 

Pretty Ugly Hex Skin-Tan current MM prize
Shape It Up! Max shape previous MM prize
MADesigns Hair-Aaron NBL I previous group gift
Alphamale Black Jeans previous gift
Reek STFU Tee 5L
Reek plain belt previous Lucky Board prize
SoReal Superstars black/white

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