Saturday, June 6, 2009

she's a star

i get this kind of manic sensation listening to james. it's that timeless epic britpop that only gets better with age and the nostalgia factor is strong with this one. 

she's been in disguise forever
she's tried to disguise her stellar views
much brighter than all this static

Discord Kyo-Jin Pink Gift possibly still available group gift in the stacks of freeness 
Discord 7s Sandal Yomogi-Rainbow 7 seas fishing custom catch
MiaSnow dead dreamer skin 6
Gritty Kitty hair Metric in magenta
Seerose (store now called I <.3 Rien) Love is a Game tattoo previous lucky board prize
House of Ruin eyes VDAY: Pink/black
Chuculet Nina shape 1L

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