Thursday, June 11, 2009

which witch?

double, double, toil and trouble.
second life is nothing but trouble. i'm dealing with some viewer issues that are driving me nuts and no one seems to have the answers for or a fix to them. *kicks SL in its nuts*

was at the clothes fair snooping out more great RFL vendors and i came across this skully mini dress from Luck Inc. which i paired with the freebie skully tat from Bleeding Ink Tattoo (B.I.T.)
and the latest release from House of Curios (HOC), these color change grungy/beat-up boots for only 40L! also all free to me are the SLink lucky chair batty skin, this batwing witch hat from Curio Obscura, once lucky chair hair from MiaSnow called Wild Woman, and a witch broom from Little Heaven's chairs, all dated Halloween of last year and probably not still available. 


  1. oh hai thx!^$
    purple power strayer style
    i see you in spots but you run!
    xo, okre