Sunday, June 7, 2009

blood, lines, etc.

it started innocently enough. i was in my corsets folder finding something to matchy matchy with the wide range of patchwork colors in this Rag Kitty outfit (including rad tail!) from Bitch Tail, which was on a MM that someone at a board i was at was wearing. got that? the outfit has since changed but i had to have this colorful bit of raggedy goodness. i pulled up selena's Sasquatch Bloody Corsets folder, also once a MM, and w00t for color matching with the green. well a little blood on the top had to be explained visually with blood on the skin so i ended up back at MiaSnow's Bloody Pleasure 4, once a chair item i believe, but still on sale for really reasonable skin prices, and so much original art put into each unique set. then it gets messy.

you all know i kind of hop manically around the grid freebie and chair stalking. i use my own sidebar (yes, i made my own page my jump off) to keep up with chronologically organized free blog postings and a couple random friends blogs. so i was amidst a post on Ashia's Inventory Episode blog where she found a super smexeh black outfit for free at a new store Anik:Anarchy.  I hopped over to compulsively grab up this freeness and boom! MORE BLOOD ON THE WALLS!!!! for 10L i could somehow completely rationalize buying a bloody nose bandage, knee bandages, and the prim blood drip for my avatar nose you see pictured with the raggedy ness. all wrapped up perfectly in Pru's Patchwork Bloody Skybox also from a lucky chair. also wearing Catnip Dirty Suckerpunch Arm Bracers. hair is Kawaii in Red E from Magika. and more House of Ruin eyes...they are the BADDEST ASS. lucky chairs and freebies...i'm telling you...."I'm so obsessed that I'm becoming a bore."

i would venture a guess this is what a ton of second lifers end their saturday nights looking like. 

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  1. You are just the best SL networker Rebecca and you do look kind of cute in this outfit, even if the blood is a bit over the top.