Saturday, June 13, 2009

slafety blanket

i'm realizing that in the event of a fashion writers block i can always go to my *sisters* folder and find inspiration. i will *never* get tired of the cute that comes out of this. and i finally managed to hit the quadfecta the other day while shopping, i glimpsed ALL FOUR sisters in their native sl fashion habitat, looking adorable and oozing love, of course. 

sisters dresses:
origami garden dress 
lulu dress

accessories cheap and free:
Doodads silver flower earrings (not found in store but Gold Flower Earrings now only 10L)
Tiny Bird hair doohickey free subscribo gift
Amerie's Naughty lucky board umbrella 
HOC House of Curios Knee Boots Female 40L 
The Golden Fleece Black Pearl & Gemstone Clasp Necklace from Lucky Chair

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