Thursday, June 11, 2009


the eyelashes. always with the eyelashes. this is a viewer issue i saw before the jira votey thing supposedly fixed it and the skin/hair related problems. i just noticed it again when i bought a pack of skins that highlighted the screwiness and clumpy-looking phantom eyelashes that appear with some skins. once i saw that, i started trying on other skins, switching shapes, whatever basic things to rebake and such, got a whole bunch of advice from random friends and strangers, and none of it has worked. the most helpful thing said was that i shouldn't worry about it because it's only me noticing it. but srsly. that's the ONLY thing that matters. *I* notice it. and it drives me crazy the entire time i'm logged in. 

anyway, i won an amazing set of sanu's new jewelry, the avalon set in elaborate form! all i had to do was try my luck scooting around the store looking for the one-time hidden candies, the hidden items change with each new release and someone gets lucky, but it was never me before yesterday! this is what prompted my anger with the eyelashes, because i want to take close ups of the nose-stud, and...well i'm growing ever pickier and more detail oriented as my fashion studies continue in this pixel world. anyway, you can clearly see how gorgeous the Sanu jewels are, despite my ongoing battle with snapshots and in-world appearance editing. 

my avatar is having a tantrum in some of these pictures because of the eyelash shit!$&

Sanu Avalon Set Elaborate
AvantMelon Lollipop Dress *purple*
My UglyDorothy Marienne Skin 07 (w/shape)
Novocaine Milla hair from Truth 50L sale
R2 Malama opening gift purple heels

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