Tuesday, July 28, 2009

singing along to AM Radio mouthing 'watermelon, watermelon, watermelon'

i don't know where this originated but supposedly if you don't know the words to a song you're supposed to just mouth "watermelon" and it'll look like you're not as lyrically lost as you may in fact be. hunting down all the amazing watermelon gifts i kept thinking about this. people with tags that said watermelon! watermelons hidden everywhere, falsey watermelons, real ones, outfits decked out in watermelonalia...a LOT of fruit for someone already half gay to sport... that's why i particularly love this SOS hunt gift dress from lo*momo, because it's not so neon green and the sparkly prim skirt is shiny without being over the top. paired it with a tyranny skin ALSO a slice of summer hunt gift, this is "umbra" in tone 2, with juicy lips and eye makeup to die for. bangles are from gems & kisses who have not only a lucky board, lucky chair, and group gifts monthly, but are also hosting a hunt for 5 sets of 5 pieces in 5 colors, 1L per tiny gem prize and you wind up with a variety of colorful basics for only 25L (if you find and buy them all). another great hunt gift are these PIDIDDLE lost princess eyes, part of the Cinderella Lost Glass Slipper Hunt, which will be in store in the hidden shoe for only a few more days. completing the outfit are the ETD Kristin Booties in plum, Zero Style hair, these Swan Lake Leggins for 1L from Fishy Strawberry at the new Macos Mall location, and a past group gift hair flower from Rebel-X, where you can pick up a new free seashell choker Rouge has set out for summer.

i've taken to shooting my in world snapshots almost exclusively at AM Radio's awesomely detailed sims. there's at least three or four and if you look in AM's profile you can visit all of the quirky whimsy that i find so enchanting about each build. there's special free gifts scattered all over the place in each unique scene and a lot of the objects have interactive animations, like this windmill i found with the option to send myself flying in circles.

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  1. ah my laziness results in lateness....that gems & kisses hunt has ended and a more expensive one for 10L earrings is in place now. oops.