Tuesday, July 7, 2009

...so i partnered an axe murderer

something about subtle violence on second life is so much more sexy than overt abuse. that's why i like to just walk around with a cutesy axe in my hand or wander aimlessly with blood oozing out of my avatar's nose. this outfit is an old freebie from Dreamin'g Alice, which is still available in store. there's a dark and a pure alice dress set available which technically i filed under costumes: literary. also shown is the Independence Day gift skin from [Atomic] in cream. the make up and face detail is really gorgeous so i apologize for selectively only showing half of it but i also love me some aggressive bangs. the bangs belong to another free gift, this is one of the hairs in Magika's golden scissors hunt. these red boots from JAS drip particle blood droplets but the invisiprimishness makes it hard to photograph in world. trust me though, just the right amount of macabre. (can't find store in world, not where it used to be, boo) and of course, the axe, which was part of a BP* group gift. i found myself ANOTHER axe to pose near in this pile of wood in AM Radio's The Red and The Wild. we will just pretend i'm roleplaying wood chopper with this axe and not e-serial killer. 

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