Sunday, July 5, 2009

whisper loudly

oh hai again! i got to chat with another secret reader today, which clearly perked me up enough to boot out some more bloggity. i am half in mourning and half overjoyed about this hair purchase. i was too slow to get the old vintagewear hairs i had demos of for weeks, but now the label has become "epoque" and the hairs are still epic, even though i missed out on some styles i would have worn to death. paired it with a pink RFL jacket from Zaara and the bejeweled jeans also picked up in the previous Zaara half off sale. tank underneath is a 1L gift in the soon ending Cupcakes clothing sale. this skin is from [the obscene] and i love these skins so much, whenever i make a haute look i go digging in my folder for the perfect matching make up, and there are some rather exotic ones too, like a rose covering your left eye and butterfly etchings and other prettiness. the shape is my longtime favorite "Vallery" which is not only mod but also FREE in a box of unreleased gift skins at Pretty Ugly. green zebra print heels from [Atomic] which is where i'm currently trying to log into to grab the group gifts before they die (again) so forgive the delayed slurls. 

slurls when SL agrees with me. 

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