Wednesday, July 15, 2009


i think i wound up in this skin because i get frustrated trying to organize skins, and i still have scattered folders of hundreds of skins floating around confusing me and defying categorization. while it is hideously monstrous it's also fucking rad. it's a past freebie or chair prize from amplify called 2 faced skin, so you may already have it and just not know! i took inspiration from the dichotomy expressed in the skin and decided to go super pink and pretty with the rest of the outfit just to confuse anyone who might suspect i was dressing intentionally fuglily. these frilly pink capris come with two cuff options and are currently in rotation with some other great prizes at the MNK*shop lucky chair. the top is part of a one piece swimsuit Twosome offers/ed for RFL this year. on my head is one of the magika hair fair freebies, candy in light pink. the script clickee broken/unbroken pearls were a previous lucky chair gift from Caroline's where you can still find a lucky chair with really well sculpted and textured jeweled goodies. the barracuda onion staff is from an old friend who's store is now called Sour Puss, where there is ALSO a lucky chair for some accessory fun. and finally the crown is Morrigan's Black Canary Divine Right mini crown which is from the greatest love hunt last february. believe it or not even in this skin i still got dudes angling their sad compliments, the best attempt was "wow, you don't look like a barbie!" well shucks man, that's totally what i was going for.... 

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