Friday, July 3, 2009

stoned poneys

oh hai. bet you thought i committed sluicide. not exactly. i just need to travel to the beat of a different drum sometimes. like linda ronstadt. dunno why the video switches recordings twenty seconds in. 

goodbye, i'll be leaving
i see no sense in this crying and grieving
we'll both live a lot longer
if you live without me.

katat0nik vu jamz hair fair release 
tyranny skin bake highlights previous subscribo gift
rotten toe lolita dress deluxe
draconic kiss skulls n ribbons wrap bracelets eternal subscribo gift
paradisis laced love collar
catnip black slum hoofers, black unihorn and ears, black unitail

and may i please remind any and all readers in the united states to refrain from drinking and driving this weekend. just pass out on the deck and call it a night.

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