Wednesday, July 8, 2009

lunchbox weirdos

this jackson 5 lunchbox was a midnight mania from Toi Store. i paired it with a poodle skirt, one of the recent releases from Artilleri, top included and cute poodle details on both. poodle skirt begot poodle hair, this is a long past group gift from Tiny Bird when it was still Pixel Dust, it's called Effing Clown Shoes. and shoes were a hunt prize from Jimmy Chau. shape is a new 1L offering from FabFree diva Farah Palmer at Chuculet called Sina. 


  1. I really like some of the looks you put together on your blog. But the hair in this one I am not so keen on.

    I do like Artilleri retro stuff, I think I have some tucked away in my inventory too.

  2. ooookay i have to admit the most ridiculously dorky thing ever -

    the second i saw your post title - i started singing "LUNCH box weirdoooo say nah nananaaaaaah" ala that old "Jukebox Hero" song.. by ummm foreigner or journey or some other horrifically embarrassing band.

    singing it out LOUD i mean, not safely in my head.

    and now it won't leave O.o