Friday, August 21, 2009

jamming jellies

i love SL artist collaborations. you always get a magnification of the greatness of each individual designer when crossed in combinations. sometimes the themes are predictable but the clincher for me was that this Designers United event centered on something rather abstract and random...jellyfish! such a beautiful looking creature, and all the sale items are uniquely fascinating just like the animals themselves. i saw the ohmai dress and the pig shop head and thought, i have to put them together. you will feel that way about the whole area of goods though, it seems like the minds really melded together for this effort and if i had the cash i'd buy every single thing there. check out all the fabulous photos infinitely better than my snapshots already uploaded of these items on the Designers United Flickr group. the event ends on the 25th so don't be a procrastinatory pothead like some people who leave their blogs empty for almost a month at a time. i don't know anyone like that!

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