Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my friend flickr

so i tried to learn begging lessons off strangers. which turned into a brief night or two of attempting gimp cross operating systems with a very well intentioned lucky chair stalker helping me out with pointer arrows in world and a lesson board set up in her work space but to no avail...i couldn't even get the transparency options to stick with outlining a basic close-up snapshot. that's the dozen or so hot green background pics of a nutty nurse in my flickr photostream. but flickr actually led me to something i *can* use and it's so freaking easy it's pathetic actually. i'm super stoked about PICNIK, it's got a sidebar full of editing tools and just tweaking levels and stuff is really laid out well for a technical n00b like myself. here's some of my first edits! i'm including the original shots for comparison. i know my aesthetics are not always on the level with others' but i hope i can at least demonstrate how easily you can improve an in world snapshot with this stuff.

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