Tuesday, July 28, 2009

singing along to AM Radio mouthing 'watermelon, watermelon, watermelon'

i don't know where this originated but supposedly if you don't know the words to a song you're supposed to just mouth "watermelon" and it'll look like you're not as lyrically lost as you may in fact be. hunting down all the amazing watermelon gifts i kept thinking about this. people with tags that said watermelon! watermelons hidden everywhere, falsey watermelons, real ones, outfits decked out in watermelonalia...a LOT of fruit for someone already half gay to sport... that's why i particularly love this SOS hunt gift dress from lo*momo, because it's not so neon green and the sparkly prim skirt is shiny without being over the top. paired it with a tyranny skin ALSO a slice of summer hunt gift, this is "umbra" in tone 2, with juicy lips and eye makeup to die for. bangles are from gems & kisses who have not only a lucky board, lucky chair, and group gifts monthly, but are also hosting a hunt for 5 sets of 5 pieces in 5 colors, 1L per tiny gem prize and you wind up with a variety of colorful basics for only 25L (if you find and buy them all). another great hunt gift are these PIDIDDLE lost princess eyes, part of the Cinderella Lost Glass Slipper Hunt, which will be in store in the hidden shoe for only a few more days. completing the outfit are the ETD Kristin Booties in plum, Zero Style hair, these Swan Lake Leggins for 1L from Fishy Strawberry at the new Macos Mall location, and a past group gift hair flower from Rebel-X, where you can pick up a new free seashell choker Rouge has set out for summer.

i've taken to shooting my in world snapshots almost exclusively at AM Radio's awesomely detailed sims. there's at least three or four and if you look in AM's profile you can visit all of the quirky whimsy that i find so enchanting about each build. there's special free gifts scattered all over the place in each unique scene and a lot of the objects have interactive animations, like this windmill i found with the option to send myself flying in circles.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

down the rabbit hole

i got partnered last weekend! and people say i have no friends. wrong! i have *one* friend. we were wondering if there's such a thing as an SL registry, so you can get people to buy you 'wedding presents.' which would only be as much of a hoax for free shit as real weddings. no, less of a hoax even. the average american family spends 4.5 million lindens on their wedding, typically plunging a substantial portion of them into immediate shared debt. the divorce rates are lower theses days because people can't afford to pay the legal fees to file divorce papers and get through the proceedings. depressions of all sorts are great ways to manifest love...aren't they just? i will still be partnered in sl when you can all finally afford to start filing your rl divorces. makes me feel like a fuzzy bunny.

all i needed for this CSR dp* bunny avi from last fall was the thrashed patchwork bunny dress and a wee neckscarf from en svale, probably still in the subscribo.

come on
come on
show me where you got it
cuz i know you gotta have it

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


i think i wound up in this skin because i get frustrated trying to organize skins, and i still have scattered folders of hundreds of skins floating around confusing me and defying categorization. while it is hideously monstrous it's also fucking rad. it's a past freebie or chair prize from amplify called 2 faced skin, so you may already have it and just not know! i took inspiration from the dichotomy expressed in the skin and decided to go super pink and pretty with the rest of the outfit just to confuse anyone who might suspect i was dressing intentionally fuglily. these frilly pink capris come with two cuff options and are currently in rotation with some other great prizes at the MNK*shop lucky chair. the top is part of a one piece swimsuit Twosome offers/ed for RFL this year. on my head is one of the magika hair fair freebies, candy in light pink. the script clickee broken/unbroken pearls were a previous lucky chair gift from Caroline's where you can still find a lucky chair with really well sculpted and textured jeweled goodies. the barracuda onion staff is from an old friend who's store is now called Sour Puss, where there is ALSO a lucky chair for some accessory fun. and finally the crown is Morrigan's Black Canary Divine Right mini crown which is from the greatest love hunt last february. believe it or not even in this skin i still got dudes angling their sad compliments, the best attempt was "wow, you don't look like a barbie!" well shucks man, that's totally what i was going for.... 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

lunchbox weirdos

this jackson 5 lunchbox was a midnight mania from Toi Store. i paired it with a poodle skirt, one of the recent releases from Artilleri, top included and cute poodle details on both. poodle skirt begot poodle hair, this is a long past group gift from Tiny Bird when it was still Pixel Dust, it's called Effing Clown Shoes. and shoes were a hunt prize from Jimmy Chau. shape is a new 1L offering from FabFree diva Farah Palmer at Chuculet called Sina. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

...so i partnered an axe murderer

something about subtle violence on second life is so much more sexy than overt abuse. that's why i like to just walk around with a cutesy axe in my hand or wander aimlessly with blood oozing out of my avatar's nose. this outfit is an old freebie from Dreamin'g Alice, which is still available in store. there's a dark and a pure alice dress set available which technically i filed under costumes: literary. also shown is the Independence Day gift skin from [Atomic] in cream. the make up and face detail is really gorgeous so i apologize for selectively only showing half of it but i also love me some aggressive bangs. the bangs belong to another free gift, this is one of the hairs in Magika's golden scissors hunt. these red boots from JAS drip particle blood droplets but the invisiprimishness makes it hard to photograph in world. trust me though, just the right amount of macabre. (can't find store in world, not where it used to be, boo) and of course, the axe, which was part of a BP* group gift. i found myself ANOTHER axe to pose near in this pile of wood in AM Radio's The Red and The Wild. we will just pretend i'm roleplaying wood chopper with this axe and not e-serial killer. 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

whisper loudly

oh hai again! i got to chat with another secret reader today, which clearly perked me up enough to boot out some more bloggity. i am half in mourning and half overjoyed about this hair purchase. i was too slow to get the old vintagewear hairs i had demos of for weeks, but now the label has become "epoque" and the hairs are still epic, even though i missed out on some styles i would have worn to death. paired it with a pink RFL jacket from Zaara and the bejeweled jeans also picked up in the previous Zaara half off sale. tank underneath is a 1L gift in the soon ending Cupcakes clothing sale. this skin is from [the obscene] and i love these skins so much, whenever i make a haute look i go digging in my folder for the perfect matching make up, and there are some rather exotic ones too, like a rose covering your left eye and butterfly etchings and other prettiness. the shape is my longtime favorite "Vallery" which is not only mod but also FREE in a box of unreleased gift skins at Pretty Ugly. green zebra print heels from [Atomic] which is where i'm currently trying to log into to grab the group gifts before they die (again) so forgive the delayed slurls. 

slurls when SL agrees with me. 

Friday, July 3, 2009

stoned poneys

oh hai. bet you thought i committed sluicide. not exactly. i just need to travel to the beat of a different drum sometimes. like linda ronstadt. dunno why the video switches recordings twenty seconds in. 

goodbye, i'll be leaving
i see no sense in this crying and grieving
we'll both live a lot longer
if you live without me.

katat0nik vu jamz hair fair release 
tyranny skin bake highlights previous subscribo gift
rotten toe lolita dress deluxe
draconic kiss skulls n ribbons wrap bracelets eternal subscribo gift
paradisis laced love collar
catnip black slum hoofers, black unihorn and ears, black unitail

and may i please remind any and all readers in the united states to refrain from drinking and driving this weekend. just pass out on the deck and call it a night.