Thursday, May 6, 2010

here comes the fear

it's almost my birthday again. call it serendipity, i did a unicorn post my last birthday... here i am in another unicorny moment. linked the unicorns last birthday post as well, i'll use a different song this year. i dunno if i'm a sea ghost really, probably more like a land ghost, but definitely ghosting out. i shot this aimed up at the sky because the background in the sim wasnt working for me, did one processing tweak in picnik and i really like how blazingly bright but at the same time muted it turned out.

worn: illusions unicorn horn, miel necklace previous 50L friday item, leezu pants, cupcakes swimsuit/bra top previous easter hunt gift, imabee skin previous group gift, exile freebie hair kyanna in harlow blonde, plastik blind prim eye previous gift of some sort.

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