Monday, February 15, 2010

leftover love

i serendipitously discovered my own partners love note nom for me today, in an xmas gift package, because miss tazzy tried to gift me the same thing. i love that when people see a wacky d-lab cat with ao inclusive they automatically think of me. twice. that's real love! anyway, cats aside, this is the tender little mouth food ban made me. love you pooker snookers, schnuckem bums lumpy lums, etc etc ad infinitum. and yes, i respond to okre. even okra. even orca.

this lovely skin is from the leafy lucky chair preview of her new line of skins. it's perfect! hair is a well known favorite Sixty Nine group gift from xmas-ish. eyes are some of the lovely prim brightened ones from Plastik. and the ears are the final tipping point that led me down into the depths of elfdom, i know, it's trendy, but these Schadenfreude plugged elfies are killing me with cute. hud to change skin tone, plug color, and jewelry, anch changes distinct from the piercings even. sooooo much matchy matchy potential perfection. /end rant.

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