Monday, January 18, 2010

nothing changes on new year's day.

i have haiti related lyrics but it's gza and it's not particularly nice so i'll just leave that tendency to the side today. other tendencies indulged with the red cross donations/sales items are mouth foods! this red cross tag [buy from Lucky #7 vendor] is one of at least TWO mouth noms i saw in the scribble skybox, which i'm happy to see has blossomed from one room into two since its inception. the mouth tag also comes with a leg/belt thing that hangs at your pocket or wherever you position it, and at 49L it's the perfect charity cheapie. i'm also wearing the 50L H.O.D. To Love Rosary, also a red cross item in the skybox. the dress comes in a set with these cute red cross kneed socks and is yet another haiti relief item you can find at Lark's new mainstore build. after a recent conversation about how i'm always 18 months behind electronic trends it comes as no surprise to myself that i've only finally indulged elfdom and donned some elf ears [buried]. an accumulation of decent freebies necessitated a subsubfolder of its own which subsequently necessitated wearing a pair for once. which actually led to my PURCHASING a pair too, the stumblebum schadenfreude pair to be precise, i hope to use those soon in some hideously bright array. speaking of hideously bright, i found this rainbow on the new sim build for ANA mations, and i figured rainbows could go with red crosses in symbolizing hope. here's hoping that people don't forget about haiti again in 12 months until another 100K people die next time.

*edit-woops i effed up guesstimating a designers stores from profile picks. shortcake sugarplum is the designer of lucky #7! stores not officially open yet but check it out in the meantime! more red cross items here. my bad. all apologies.

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