Saturday, December 26, 2009

forgive me father christmas, for i have sinned

i remember being 18 and drunk in the snow in montreal, trying to find a way back to the holiday inn with my best friend at the time. after pitchers of sangria and hours of giggling about the fact that we could drive all the way to canada and still only get hit on by creepy mexican dudes we stumbled out of the peel street pub and started drifting into snowbanks on the sidewalks. we ended up on a bench at a bus stop on catherine street, pretending it was normal to wait in a snowy seat for a bus that wasn't even coming. that was almost ten years ago, and i feel incredibly old. at least i've given up the bottle, hopefully for was getting tedious having to explain random bruises and how i got into a terrible argument with a tree in brooklyn in another instance. that being said it was still fun to watch my virtual self stumble around with the Abranamations advent calendar 'drunk ao' (includes gigantic head sized bottle of merlot). i find with a series of really great animations there's no need to use individual poses, and these are two of my favorite candid moments from what i snapped.

other festive things worn include: Tiny Bird Merritt hat hair for girls in candy red previous 50L friday item, ~Scribble~ gift tag group Christmas gift, Eolande's mistletoe headband free Christmas subo gift, Terri Tees Ho Cubed shirt, Surf Co. yoga pants previous 50L friday set, A.Y.Y. Yah Yah chucks in Hurricane black (free camp item), Tyranny 25L tuesday outfit's skin Dinah in Fall Wheat Bares(3).

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