Thursday, January 28, 2010

this is not just a fawn

the thing that i enjoy most about pixel shopping in second life is how you can find anything you can imagine, and loads of things you never could have imagined because the ideas didn't come from your brain initially, which consequently makes them original (at least to you, and at least as long as you don't see them pop up three and four times in various ripped off incarnations). the best in second life pixels surely qualify as art.

i usually peruse flickr streams bitching and moaning to myself the whole time about how i should have learned photoshop long ago when i could process all the tricky stuff. one of my favorite things to run across other than amazingly manipulated images are a different and arguably more traditional type of artistry where people draw a sketch and then pixelate it and create it in world with sculpts and prims and textures...they have even been quite good in world, even been quite faithful to the original image. but the sequence of events starting with this picture radio drew and posted on flickr moved at lightning speed, i was really impressed how rapidly she translated a sketched image into the resulting outfit. all artsy fartsy gushing aside, you get to wear spots on your bum! who doesn't like that?

~Scribble~ Spotty Bum leotard/corset in pink
Illusions horns SAH free hunt gift
Tiny Bird hair Ciao Bella past Haiti Skybox item still in new hairs at mainstore
Titania's Court Faun legs and ears from full avatar set
Belleza Alyson new group gift
Caroline's Jewelry broken scripted pearls
The Habitat Like A Rolling Stone tat past free/dollarbie

Monday, January 25, 2010

paper tiger

a paper tiger can't
tell you where he stands
we'll go back tonight
the way that we came
i'm not dumb, just wanna hold your hand.

csr niniko coat
csr dpyumyum tiger avi
csr zero style hair in chestnut
my ugly dorothy group gift plant for your head
yeah, most of it's not available anymore [*sticks out blogger tongue*] but the stores all have amazing merch on sale all day everyday anyway.

Friday, January 22, 2010

snarky stopper

i am always excited when i find bizarre and random things for sale on second life. i even wear them once i buy them! go figure. using the drunk ao again and this toilet paper couture from rbcg. with the cupcakes january group gift was apparently too obvious a joke for some ladiez who clearly didn't appreciate the artistry behind sharpie-faced skins and hand drawn toilet paper texturing. i stand by my comment to the humorless womynz that this is honestly how i imagine most second lifers end up on a weekend evening. i know you all keep a real life roll of electrical tape to pastie your boobs too, don't lie!^$%

Monday, January 18, 2010

nothing changes on new year's day.

i have haiti related lyrics but it's gza and it's not particularly nice so i'll just leave that tendency to the side today. other tendencies indulged with the red cross donations/sales items are mouth foods! this red cross tag [buy from Lucky #7 vendor] is one of at least TWO mouth noms i saw in the scribble skybox, which i'm happy to see has blossomed from one room into two since its inception. the mouth tag also comes with a leg/belt thing that hangs at your pocket or wherever you position it, and at 49L it's the perfect charity cheapie. i'm also wearing the 50L H.O.D. To Love Rosary, also a red cross item in the skybox. the dress comes in a set with these cute red cross kneed socks and is yet another haiti relief item you can find at Lark's new mainstore build. after a recent conversation about how i'm always 18 months behind electronic trends it comes as no surprise to myself that i've only finally indulged elfdom and donned some elf ears [buried]. an accumulation of decent freebies necessitated a subsubfolder of its own which subsequently necessitated wearing a pair for once. which actually led to my PURCHASING a pair too, the stumblebum schadenfreude pair to be precise, i hope to use those soon in some hideously bright array. speaking of hideously bright, i found this rainbow on the new sim build for ANA mations, and i figured rainbows could go with red crosses in symbolizing hope. here's hoping that people don't forget about haiti again in 12 months until another 100K people die next time.

*edit-woops i effed up guesstimating a designers stores from profile picks. shortcake sugarplum is the designer of lucky #7! stores not officially open yet but check it out in the meantime! more red cross items here. my bad. all apologies.