Monday, March 29, 2010

hysterical coloUrblindness

having long since given up on the humans in second, not to mention first life, most of what i do in world is stand around lucky chairs sorting my hoardings. i know every fashionista can relate to the feeling of having "just one more folder" to sort before you log, pee, drink, or leave to do something else. which easily results in hours spent just..staring at a tee shirt waiting for the texture to rez. i have taken my sorting cues from miss radio who is very wise, and has her stuff arranged by colo(u)rs. staring at the monitor at 4 am trying to discern if a tee shirt qualifies as blue or purple or brown or white or grey or black has become my biggest complaint. ask ban, ask tazzy, i have been known to rant in twelve dozen offline messages about how my eyes are bleeding because i can't pick between the pink or purple folder for a piece of pixel clothing. i'm beginning to think there are cultural and personal distinctions in color persons blue is anothers purple. white actually means beige to some people. grey is good enough to be black for most. me? i'm anal. i would never deny the fact. at the end of the night at least i can laugh at myself for actively becoming annoyed at color conflicts in my sorting. and anyway, you can always just tint yr pics in picnik to be any hue of the rainbow. this post is just as meaningless as the distinctions in color labeling. yay!

so, while the picture here looks like what *I* would call beige or brown, the clothes in world are actually all white. yay! absence of color. one of the easier to decide upon folders for.
worn: oyakin group gift skirt, ohmai tube bra, tiny bird sleepless hair, lara skin, fairytail bracelet, epoque/mpb the white rose necklace

relevant, per "sleepless"

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