Saturday, November 21, 2009

afghan wigs

you walked in
with a little
'come on come on come on'
in your walk
well, come on
i've been waitin', are you waitin'?
for my move, well i'm makin' it

so tell me baby, can you shake it?
if i can move it with you
will you let me take it?
i'll be down on my knees
screaming 'take me, take me, take me, take me, i'm yours'

studio version is so much crisper i wish it were on youtube.

worn: perhaps my favorite wig so far Lamb.'s new Oh Sugar in Powder, [Pink Outfitters] "B Side" Cardigan in light pink, [Pink Outfitters] AO2 Painters Destroyed Denim (capri) vintage wash, Cupcakes skin October group gift Daydream in Lace makeup Fairy 2 Pink (Freck), CrazyBitch Tattoo - Evil Neko.

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