Thursday, October 22, 2009

botanical beauty

i found a new amazing store with these dreads called =Parx=. it's in two ongoing hunts, one you just missed, and one upcoming. and there's a lucky chair, so plenty of reason to check it out already. i had a bizarre encounter wherein someone paid me the price of the demo hair i had this hair was freeeeeee. it reminds me of freshman year of college. enough said.

=Parx= dreads 11
mother goose's lucky board skin/shape
[glow] studio gift floral necklace
twosome valentines cardi
sasquatch weed.plant

Saturday, October 17, 2009

upper or downer?

anyone else find it amusing pearl jam are now in a target ad? i guess that puts them in the bullseye of commercialism. the song is ok though. "the fixer"...eddie vedder does psych 101. i wish i could fix lots of things (and people [and i don't just mean castrating or neutering them]). wouldn't it be nice if we could fix cancer? and HIV? and people who act as cancers or viruses? here's my avi clutching her boobs in the hopes that some day soon the fix will be in.

worn: silent sparrow previous valentines hunt gift sweater, tyranny s.o.s. skin also hunt gift, maitreya hair fair gift, new poetic colors eye gift, free breast cancer awareness poses from glitterati.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

song induced squee-ing

oh hello thar again. new computer version 3.0, someone tell me how to rip my ipod back to my 3rd out of 5 permitted versions of itunes? k plz thx bi.

this is such a great song, it's kind of a shame i found it watching the rachel zoe project. ohhh noes, tv rots yr brainz. then there's none left for the halloween zombies...shame times two.

piccies of the hottest thing made in the month i left the grid which i had to blow all my lindens on and wear right away: sanu's sexy succubus in green. with miasnow current lucky chair skin.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

oh hai buttercup

i didn't die. just my soul.