Tuesday, September 8, 2009

sweater than you

hai! that looks like it says "sweatier than you" *frownface*
this sweater inspired everything subsequently involved in this outfit. it's called 'sweater than me' and it really is. this was some form of gift from Agent Orange, possibly still in the subo? a store definitely worth visiting though, frequent gifts, hunt prizes, a midnight mania and lucky chairs in store to boot. i didn't do it complete justice in my shots but there are a row of vertical prim buttons and a bow at the base of the cropped top that are just *perfect* in addition to easily adjusted shoulder poof sleeve prims, and i am the prim princess & the pea, subpar prims make me more frowny. it's also a really elegant and saturated hue of blue and i paired it up with this gorgy skin called 'liefde kus pale' from rbcg.'s previous lucky chair. the chair is gone now but krysten has put out a weekly gift in store in a box on the front desk for the past few weeks and her gadgets comprise some of my favorite accessory goodies lately (the addiction hunt gift at rbcg. is a set giant smoking pipes in your choice of crack or pot). she also has gifts at the end of the admittedly challenging thibedeau HUD hunt, and if anyone needs help you can holler at me, i really love to be helpful, honest! hair is "50K (sugar)" a past dollar gift from @waffles which can probably still be had. bracelet is an old staple from Gritty Kitty. with the faded driftwood hair and the pale skin and blueness i decided to shoot at AM Radio's The Space Between these Trees again up on a hill facing an expanse of wavey water. sweatily pretty, hurrah.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

pastel punkery

oh hai again. can't make a post that suits me. gone ranting too long...
things i'm loving on:
1-nice ims from strangers. so good to be at a point in my muting career where the filth has fallen through the cracks. [only took about 500 right clicks]
2-cute pixel crap.
3-really cute free pixel crap from nice strangers.
4-editing pictures in picnik of my avatar in really cute and frequently free pixel crap from talented and nice strangers.

thanks Shanistic Zenovka of Claw'd for these goody accessories! and Topaz Tomsen of TazzMania for the very kawaii tats. and Mochi Milena the mastermind behind [Pink Fuel] for ridiculously perfect group and hunt gifts. and of course the cherry on the top is this goodbye 1L gift of pretty pastels in OMFG from House of Munster, i will miss the store but i bought damn near every hair before it closed so i never have to go bald! yay.

Friday, September 4, 2009

ok go...fuck yourself.

i like it when people theorize about the mental health of others online in what psychology typically refers to as "projection." i have an admitted weakness for pop punk and one of my favorites is ok go. they have this song....well. i will link youz.

lotta knots, lotta snags
lotta holes, lotta cracks lotta crags
lotta naggin' old hags...

amen boys!